Each morning we are awakened by a bird at our window, not the bluebird of happiness, but more like the redbird of war. It’s been going on now every day for over three weeks. A couple of Summer Tanagers, a yellow female and a bright red male, have made it their mission to break our windows and take over our home. SummerTanager100 I was concerned the first day it began. I feared that the bird had eaten something foul and was badly disoriented. Soon however, the red bird began the same task of attacking the windows, and I knew, just as we did that day on 9/11, that this was not a fluke, but a coordinated attack. It’s not just one window, but all the windows on the north and west sides of our house.  It isn’t randomly done either, for they both have demonstrated the tenacity to keep it up all day long from sunup to sunset. They mean business!  The cat seems to enjoy it for brief moments, but even he can’t keep up with their dedication and quickly bores to chase other things. I’ve sprayed them with the water hose, yelled at them, waved at them, thrown things at them, tried to reason with them (yes, I really tried this), played other bird sounds on the computer (this just infuriates them), put things in the window and covered the windows. I’d shoot them, but they’re too close to the windows and I’m a lousy shot. So the siege is on. We are entrenched in our castle, and the war birds are building battering ramps and may break in and take over any day.  Crafty creatures or just plan hard headed?  They may be up to no  good, but their beautiful color and sweet melodies have lulled me into a stupor from which I can’t seem to emerge.  It occurred to me this morning that Satan uses the same gimmicks and tricks to wage psychological warfare on our souls. A slow but meticulous and steady pounding in our lives, but with color and flare to keep us spellbound and charmed by deceit while he erodes away our resolve and thereby gains a pathway into our hearts.

Beautiful Appearance. The first tool in Satan’s arsenal of deception is that which pleases our senses. 2Co 11:14  And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. He knows we’re gullible

for the bright and beautiful. No strong drink was ever packaged in an ugly can. Hitler was considered by most Germans (even his opponents) to be handsome and debonair. Ted Bundy lured many young women by his charm and good looks.  Saul was handsome and stood above the rest.  All the things that appeal to our senses are the things Satan uses to trick us into destruction.  I love McDonald Big Macs, but I’ve never gotten one that looks like the picture on the menu board. If I were to give in to the lure of what it looks like, I’d be eating them every day and another heart attack would soon follow.  Throughout the ages, Satan has used women to appeal to the lust in men’s hearts.  Even worse today, young girls around the globe are sold into the sex slave market for the insatiable appetites of lust thirsty men.  The porn industry has appealed to the eyes and now stands at the brink of destroying our society.  I used to think people were silly in what seemed to be an overreaction  to Elvis and his gyrations. I was wrong. They knew that with time this would lead to illicit behavior not among the few, but the masses. It has! Song lyrics and dancing today make Elvis look like a Puritan. It didn’t start with Elvis though. Just go to Genesis 3 and you’ll see that the fruit forbidden was pleasing to look at.  “Be careful little eyes what you see!”

Constant Pressure. The second effective tool of Satan is to wear you out.  Like most good military strategists will tell you, the way to overcome your opponent is to weaken their resolve, discourage and reduce their morals. Make them break!  Here is where Jesus has warned us on many occasions to be steadfast and resolute. 1Pe 5:8-9 Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.  Resist him, firm in your faith, .. Don’t grow weary in doing what’s right, Paul says in the Galatians letter.  Satan will be working constantly to snare us, don’t give in!

Let him beat upon the house, flap his colorful wings and sing sweet sounds to your ears, but rest assured that if you’ve built your house on the Lord and if He’s in your house, that old red bird can’t get in!

Darryl Fuller